meet the MAKER


We are happy you’re here and thrilled to know that everyone who uses our products are getting an authentic handmade Aesthetic Abode treasure.

Before I created Aesthetic Abode I visited several websites and noticed that either most pillow covers were made using cheap materials or were lacking craftsmanship. Then one day I was making pillow covers for my own living-room sofa and they turned out really pretty pieces of art. I said to myself, “why not open a pillow shop?”

Because of the cost of expensive supplies, I was concerned that the price point of the pillow covers might turn off potential buyers. But then about 3 years ago my life changed. I decided to set out and create the best high-end, handmade pillow covers for the most sophisticated homes.

It turns out the road was more difficult than I imagined…

Wholesale suppliers were difficult to find and the ones available were not willing to negotiate on prices, so I could sell my products at a reasonable price point everyone would happily agree to. I feared no one would like or buy the pillows, so I started to make sample pillows in my favorite colors and textures. I handed them out to friends and family members in exchange of an honest review.

The response has been astounding! I opened the online shop and released our first product to have received nothing but pure love from everyone who sees them.